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Detergent for ensuring the cleanliness of clean rooms

Clean-room detergents are very specific products that must comply with regulatory standards. In fact, clean-room detergents are designed for industrial cleaning of particularly sensitive environments.

The cleaning of clean rooms requires the use of specific detergents. Surfaces in sensitive areas must be purified of any unwanted biological agents or particles. This is particularly the case for operating theatres, pharmaceutical laboratories, computer and electronic assembly lines, etc. Clean rooms must be cleaned with professional products specially designed for sterilisation and decontamination. These products must be able to eliminate dust, bacteria and microscopic elements that could lead to a biological infection or a malfunction of sensitive components. Detergents for clean rooms must also be constantly adapted to the evolution of the different environments in which they are used.
Technological advances and regulatory standards cause regular changes in the requirements for industrial cleaning. As a result, professionals in the sector must innovate in parallel in order to offer services and products adapted to the specific needs of their customers.

Clean-room cleaning by CONFORMAT

For 30 years, CONFORMAT has been the French leader in the “ultra-clean” market. We sell various consumables and equipment for the cleaning of clean rooms. Detergents and biocides, gloves and clothing, brooms and other accessories, etc. Our products are adapted to the strict demands of our customers in different fields of activity for the cleaning of their rooms. In partnership with manufacturers, we contribute to the development and evolution of ever more efficient products adapted to the specific needs and constraints of our target market.

Products for clean rooms, in particular detergents, are highly sensitive. We also provide training to our customers so that they are able to use them perfectly. In order to best satisfy your needs, our team of experts can advise you on the solutions most relevant to your needs. This responsiveness is one of the reasons why our company is recognised as the market leader in France.

CONFORMAT is the reference provider for clean-room detergents. The quality of cleaning of clean rooms is guaranteed with the detergents from CONFORMAT.
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